Documents Fiera di Bologna

The Bologna exhibition centre, in the northern part of the city, covers a total area of 375,000 square metres, including indoor and outdoor areas. The total service area is 36,000 square metres with 15 exhibition halls (4 on 2 floors and 11 on one floor). There are 5 independent entrances and 14,500 parking spaces.

The project for renovation of the exhibition centre, as specified within an agreement between Bologna City Council, Bologna Province and BolognaFiere signed in 2013, plans to:

> redevelop the piazza Costituzione entrance in order to reaffirm its value as a "green square" and a new gateway to the fair from the city and to the city from the fair. The project also plans to redefine the arrival points by car, bus and taxi;
> put in place the new access to the north as a new grand main entrance to the Fair, which can be connected with the new SFM (Metropolitan Railway Service) line for the rail link between the Fair and the Station and with the fast connection planned between the Station and the Airport. The new access can then be integrated with the new SFM Fair station, with the Michelino car park and the motorway tollgate;
> create, in areas adjacent to the new access and the north perimeter of BolognaFiere, one or more new facilities for fair and congress activities to enhance the functionality and flexibility of the District and, over time, replace the obsolete pavilions.