The eastern area of the city is marked by the presence of the new Unipol Tower, inaugurated in 2012, which with its height of 125 metres and 33 floors is the tallest building in Emilia-Romagna. The tower contains offices, commercial activities and hotels and is the first building in Italy to obtain American "LEED Gold" certification for energy efficiency.

In this area of the city other important transformations are in progress, like the "Scandellara" project in Via Scandellara and the "Bella Fuori 3" project in the area of Croce del Biacco (Via Mattei/Via Martelli).
Both projects have been discussed with dwellers in the area, called on to collaborate in defining priorities and planning details.

"Scandellara" Project
In the area of Via Scandellara, particularly in the part known as that of the former "Rottamai", about 200 new homes will be built.
The project will be accompanied by actions for improvement of services, of public spaces, of cycling and pedestrian itineraries and of the connections of the whole Scandellara/Terrapieno area with the rest of the city.

Data Scandellara
> Usable surface : 13.000 m²
> Project: Studio Conato
> Realization: Frascari Costruzioni

"Bella Fuori 3" Project
Not far from the area of Via Scandellara, the Fondazione del Monte, in the "Bella Fuori 3" programme, in collaboration with Bologna City Council has promoted a project for improving Croce del Biacco, where it is also planned to build a new school.
The project, called "Plug and Play", foresees improving the connections of the area and creating an equipped urban space, with different functions (furnishings, social picnic area, gardens, etc..) and thus also allowing citizens to experience the space actively organizing small events. The area will also have new services (e.g. parking lot, wi-fi, etc).

Data Croce del Biacco
> Surface area: 9.500 m²
> Project promoted by: Fondazione del Monte
> Project (winner of competition in 2013): Patrizia Di Monte, Ignacio Gravalos Lacambra, Elena Vincenzi, Giorgio Volpe
> Investment: € 500.000